Working together with credit providers within the digital environment to meet their responsible lending obligations relating to verification and assessment of a credit applicant’s financial situation.


Clint Davis / Chief Technical Officer

Clint Davis is a solutions architect and a software development and application expert. With over 14 years of business experience, he has played strategic leadership roles in industries ranging from emerging technologies to research and development. His strong foundation in project management allows him to seamlessly apply his skills to help clients across varying businesses and industries.

Under Clint’s leadership, the team at Incredo Solutions is constantly focused on helping businesses achieve their goals and increase their profitability. Throughout his career, Clint has honed his skills in resolving complex issues to deliver effective solutions. He has vast experience in helping businesses streamline their services and improve system efficiencies.


Mark Luxford / Solutions Manager

Mark Luxford brings many years of solutions management, negotiations and marketing strategy development from leading digital platforms, websites and retail groups. He understands that knowing your company and industry is paramount to designing a successful and profitable strategy. He constantly stays up to date with current and future technology behavior in the generational demographics.

Mark understands current and future drivers in the financial technology environment. Partnering with Incredo will bring efficiencies and strength to your business strategy.


Paul Blair / General Manager

Paul joined Incredo in 2016, coming from a background in global sales, contracts and vendor management for a number of publicly listed global companies. Paul is a focused and proactive Contract, Supply Chain, Sales and Vendor Management professional with experience in developing process improvement plans, resulting in cost saving and increased productivity within all facets of a company, skilled in conducting strategic negotiations, supplier/vendor selection and management. Proactively evaluate corporate needs and establish guidelines for improved tracking of contracts, sales and vendors.

With Paul’s extensive background in the Global Oil & Gas industry, he has developed a high level of skills in compliance and leadership management, formed by the heavily regulated industry.



Incredo Analytics

Incredo Analytics offers a unique service to credit providers and lessors in assisting Australian Credit License (ACL) holders to meet their responsible lending obligations as defined by Chapter 3 of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (NCCPA) relating to verifying a consumers financial situation.


Incredo Solutions

Our determination to provide internal and external digital solutions for your business is what we specialise in. Our creative, savvy, technical expertise and business acumen has contributed to successful engagements with startups as well as mid to large organisations, firms and corporations.


Incredo Mortgages

At Incredo Mortgages, our philosophy is that every person deserves the best service, at the lowest price. That’s why every service we offer comes at absolutely no cost to you. Whether you’re in the market to buy your first home, expand your property portfolio, or need a consolidation loan, we’re here to help.