Responsible Lending

The National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCPA) imposes responsible lending obligations that must be satisfied by all persons arranging and dealing with credit applications such as credit assistance providers and lenders for any credit that is regulated by the National Credit Code.

Incredo provides a product that lenders can include as a part of their preliminary credit assessment process ensuring that their responsible lending obligations are being satisfied.This is achieved as Incredo Analytics can assist lenders in verifying their customer’s financial circumstances.


Increased Conversion Rates

Providing your customers an easier, electronic alternative to retrieving their bank statements will inevitably result in increased rate of processing applications.

Customer Satisfaction

Borrowers will look to lenders with the fastest route to complete their application, and Incredo provides the fastest alternative to traditional income verification methods.

Accurate Reporting

Incredo’s analytics engine is made up of patterns and formulas that are researched, developed and reviewed by professionals with experience in statement assessment.

Reduce Risk

Reduces the risk of human error and risk of fraud by eliminating false or edited statements and identifying direct credits.

Increase Productivity

Reduce time spent analysing bank statements. The Analytics Report illustrates all the necessary information in a format that is easy and quick to interpret.


The customer’s personal information is encrypted with 256 bit SSL encryption which is considered to be logically unbreakable.


Incredo is designed to be fully customisable to allow for full brand recognition so that your customers feel comfortable when entering their personal details.

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The information gathered can additionally be customised in a variety of ways to display the information you need to see; the way you want to see it, allowing for full customisation not offered anywhere else.



Incredo allows users to save a copy of the assessment as a PDF, along with other formats. This document can form a part of the preliminary or final assessment that a credit contract or consumer lease is ‘not unsuitable’.



Incredo’s platform is built to be flexible. At the core of our retrieval application is an API framework allowing for clients to use our hosted application pages or to integrate their existing processes into ours.