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What is Incredo?
Incredo is a credit assistance provider that is designed to assist lenders in statement retrieval. In the past it was the customer’s responsibility to provide lenders with their bank statements. To some, this caused an inconvenience as the process deemed to be ‘too long’ or ‘too hard’. In result lenders would receive the statements in delay, some would be inaccurate and all were potential to fraud.


Incredo provides lenders a tool which not only delivers a fast, easy and secure way to retrieve and assess the customer’s bank statements, but additionally provides our clients an accurate and easy to read overview of their customer’s financial position.

Why do you need my bank statements?
If you have been referred to us, it is more than likely that your credit provider requires you to provide your bank statements as part of their credit assessment. In some cases this is a legal requirement your lender has to oblige by as part of their credit application.
Who will see my bank statements?
Only authorised clients (your credit provider) will be given access to customers statements through secure channels.
How secure is the process?
Throughout the retrieval process the customers personal information is encrypted with 256 bit SSL encryption. This is the same level of encryption used by the banks to uphold industry standards.


Incredo has implemented strict procedures to manage the security and privacy of customers information from the start to end of the retrieval process. 

How do I use your service?
To use the Incredo service your credit provider must be subscribed to us. In the application you will be asked to provide your bank statements and the option to go through Incredo will be provided. Customers simply have to enter their banking credentials and accept to the terms and conditions and their statements will be retrieved and provided to their chosen provider. It’s that simple!
What if I don't have Internet banking?
In order to use the Incredo service you must be set up with Internet banking. If you do not have Internet banking you can set up an account by calling or go into your one of your banks local branches. 


Be aware that some credit providers will no longer accept customers sending through their statements manually or without a branch stamped statement.

Has my loan been approved?
Incredo is not a Credit Provider. Incredo is a third-party service that provides bank statements to your lender. Any queries regarding your loan application needs to be taken up with your provider directly.
What Integration options do you offer?
Incredo’s platform is built to be flexible, this allows us to cater for our client’s needs. At the core of our application is an API framework allowing for customers to use our hosted application pages or to integrate their existing processes into ours.


A few examples of integration options are; Kiosk, Embedded Website, Direct Link, Unique Line, SMS & Email and Raw Data.

How much does it cost?
For the borrower the service is completely free!


For the lender it is based on a volume scale. For full pricing details please contact us.

How do I get a copy of your Privacy Policy?
You can view our Privacy and Credit Policy here.