After bank account records are retrieved from the consumer’s Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution(s) or ADI(s), the data collected is generated into a report that helps breakdown critical information relevant to the credit application.

The breakdown identifies, categorises, and makes calculations on the following transactions:

  • Income (Salary & Benefits);
  • Loan Deposits;
  • Financial Repayments;
  • Reversals;
  • Expenses;
  • High Risk Merchants;
  • Banking Transactions; and
  • ATM Fees and Spending.
Incredo pushes the raw data of transactional information received from Yodlee through its analytical engine. The analytical engine uses regular expressions to identify, group, and categorise like transactions.

The analytical data gives Incredo the ability manage the transactions that are relevant to your company’s needs when assessing a credit contract or consumer lease (e.g. income verification or high risk merchants), and present the data in a meaningful way.


Incredo’s user interface aims to get the client representatives more engaged within the assessment while reducing their workload. This is achieved by splitting the information gathered from the transactional data and breaking it down into sections so that users are able to navigate through tabs and effortlessly evaluate the information provided.



Once we have obtained the necessary permissions from the customer, we can incorporate information from the Department of Human Services – Centrelink, and the Australian Tax Office. Some of the information that we can include in our reports from these sources can include Centrelink Income Statements and the previous years Tax Return.


We have designed our product to be able to embed a whole range of features, so if you’re wondering about any services that you haven’t heard us mention, contact us to have a discussion about how we can embed these features for your business.


Incredo is an independently owned proprietary company that is authorised to resell Veda products.