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Posted by Sharyn Tauro | 11 Jan

The Incredo Analytics launch event held at The Hilton Hotel in Brisbane on the 26th of November 2015 was a wonderful blend of increasing market/client product awareness as well as a business technology showcase. The evening began with an introductory talk from the Director, Daniel O’Farrell, a veteran in the financial services industry.

Following the introductory note, Daniel acquainted the attendees with the first speaker of the evening, Randall Makin. Randall is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder of Red-Eye, “the first fully cloud based and purpose built engineering management solution platform”. In his talk, Randall spoke about his personal journey from having founded his company in 2012, to acquiring his first clients, to expanding the Red-Eye community to over four hundred organisations.


He highlighted some of the difficulties experienced by entrepreneurs in Australia, and spoke at length about the high risks start up business’ are exposed to throughout the journey from inception to national or global recognition. In particular, Randall was able to demonstrate the difficulties faced on a case by case business with start up ventures across the sea in the United States by comparing the revenue generated by companies that began as entrepreneurial ventures.

The next section of the event was the formal product introduction by Clint Davis, the CTO of Incredo.

Clint walked the audience through how the product can assist lenders in not just income verification, but in obtaining a thorough overall scope of the customer’s entire financial situation. Clint noted the broad range of usage for the product by highlighting its ability to accommodate for lenders interested in a degree of auto decision making as well as lenders who prefer a more in-depth analysis of their customer’s financial circumstances.

The Incredo Analytics System is a financial application capable of account retrieval and information aggregation that can be used to access and collate information from client accounts including, but not limited to; bank accounts, Centrelink, Veda Credit Score, Veda ID Matrix, and MyGov to give credit licensees a 360° view of a customer’s financial health. The tool is capable of analysing regular expressions to identify, group, and categorise transactions from bank statements.

The Incredo analytics engine is then capable of pushing this data through algorithms to find frequencies and patterns of income and expenditure which is then summarised and displayed within an easy to interpret report which provides. The interphase is aimed at increasing speed and decreasing costs while not compromising on accuracy.

The Incredo Analytics System could be a valuable tool that could be harnessed by credit lenders to comply with the ‘responsible lending conduct’ requirement stated in Chapter 3 of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Clint placed special emphasis on all the security measures that are a part of the Incredo platform that are so essential in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the financial information provided by customers making the product invaluable.

Clint’s presentation was followed by a talk from Tony Simeone who introduced the audiences to Access 360 and the world of cloud computing. Access 360 is a product developed by the company Amaze 360 who were launched in 2009 with Tony at the helm. It is an “enterprise grade multi-tenant desktop-as-a-service cloud platform” which is reliable, fault tolerant with the added benefits of stability, as technical IP does not leave with staffing changes. Amaze 360 also provides daily back-ups along with advanced firewalls in place to store and protect data making it not only readily accessible while preventing loss and taking care of data security.

The last speaker for the day was Kelvin Davis the Author of the books Global Best Sourcing and 10 Key Business Outsourcing Events, who talked about his company Business Freedom Lifestyle (BFL), which is a one stop solution for people looking to launching a small business. BFL takes the hassle out of starting a new company by providing key resources to the client such as administrative support and marketing among other things, thus increasing business survival success. This service allows owners the power to run their company from anywhere in the world ensuring their “Freedom” from being shackled down by worries of running a business.

The launch event was then brought to a close with Daniel thanking all the participants and attendees for taking time out and making the event a success.

A final fun element was added to the mix with a Lucky Prize draw which helped break the ice among the attendees thus ensuring conversations among people with an exchange of ideas and networking, an important sign of a great event.

Disclaimer: Incredo does not give financial advice. The information contained on this web site is intended to be generalist in nature, it does not take into account your personal situation or your financial needs, objectives and goals. You should carefully consider whether the information provided is applicable to you, and where appropriate, seek professional advice from a licenced financial adviser before acting on any information.

Sharyn Tauro

Sharyn Tauro is Incredo’s Client Liaison Officer. Her versatile experience in the Scientific, Academic and the Debt Collection industry gained across three subcontinents allows her to gain a unique analytical insight into the Financial Services Industry. She has translated her knowledge of scientific content writing to writing articles of interest for the Incredo Blog.

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