What is Incredo Analytics?

Incredo Analytics (IA) automates the time consuming processes for assessing a credit applicant’s financial position. IA obtains bank account data that covers the preceding 365 days for all of the credit applicant’s accounts, but allows a client representative to filter between the accounts.

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Incredo’s user interface aims to get the client representatives more engaged within the assessment while reducing their workload. This is achieved by splitting the information gathered from the transactional data and breaking it down into sections so that users are able to navigate through tabs and effortlessly evaluate the information provided.

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IA & Hardship

Parent company Incredo has enabled the Incredo Analytics product to be rolled out as a high quality and secure hardship service, which credit providers are now using as part of their financial hardship processes. Incredo Analytics retrieves a read-only copy of a debtor’s bank statement and compiles this data to produce a report that assists in a hardship assessment.

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