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Incredo’s user interface aims to get the client representatives more engaged within the assessment while reducing their workload. This is achieved by splitting the information gathered from the transactional data and breaking it down into sections so that users are able to navigate through tabs and effortlessly evaluate the information provided.

The analytical data gives Incredo the ability to manage the transactions that are relevant to your company’s needs when assessing a credit contract or consumer lease (e.g. income verification or high risk merchants), and present the data in a meaningful way. Incredo’s analytics engine is made up of patterns and formulas that are researched, developed, and reviewed by professionals with experience in bank statement assessment.

A fully customisable report is generated that breaks down critical information relevant to the credit application. The breakdown identifies, categorises, subcategorises, and makes calculations on the following transactions:

  • Income (Salary & Benefits)
  • Loan Deposits
  • Financial Repayments
  • Reversals
  • Expenses
  • High Risk Merchants
  • Banking Transactions
  • ATM Fees and Spending

Incredo’s online dashboard gives clients access to their reports through secure channels.

The dashboard provides features that allow users to:

  • View progression and compare to past results.
  • Create tokens for the retrieval process and send those URL’s directly to consumers through SMS or email channels.
  • Report issues and suggest corrections.
  • View system notices and updates.
  • Control settings including user logins, branding, and report settings.
  • Search and view all reports, whether complete or current.
  • Flag reports that require attention and download completed reports.

The overview feature was designed to provide a full scope of a consumer’s financial situation without the need to navigate anywhere else unless a presumption of unsuitability is identified. The page takes into consideration elements of the client’s acceptance lending criteria and presents data in a clear and concise format.

Provides an analysis of the consumer’s income information by categorising salary / wages and income from benefits.

The credits tab provides a live, interactive calculation of the customer’s credits with customisable categorisation for quick analysis.

The debits tab provides an interactive calculation of the customer’s debits with customisable categorisation for quick analysis.


Allows the user to send a unique secure URL to start the bank retrieval process via email or SMS. If the customer is with the user the URL can be pasted into a browser.


Allows the customer to select their bank and enter their online banking details.

Enter Online Banking Details:

This page will display the required fields necessary to enter your online banking details. Once submitted, the bank statement data pull will commence.

MyGov / Centrelink Portal:

On completion of the bank statement data retrieval process, the customer will be asked if they receive benefits.

MyGov / Centrelink Portal:

Customer enters their MyGov username and password.

MyGov / Centrelink Portal:

Once the MyGov / Centrelink data retrieval process is completed, the benefit statements will be viewable.